Where can I buy Branch Basics?+

Thank you for your interest in Branch Basics! We only sell our products through our site, and ship to the United States, Canada and APO for military. 

Where is Branch Basics made?+

The Concentrate and the Oxygen Boost are made in the United States. All of the ingredients are sourced from either the US or Europe. Most bottles are made in the US, but the foaming wash bottles, the spray triggers and the silicone sleeves on the glass bottles come from China. The scrub brushes are also from China. Whenever possible, we source from the US, and will continue to look for great options that are made here.

Does Branch Basics have a non-discrimination policy?+

At Branch Basics, we are committed to promoting a culture of acceptance and inclusion. The heart of our mission is to help all people create healthy homes and open the eyes of all people to harmful chemicals that undermine health.

We value all of our stakeholders and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status in any of our activities or operations.

We strongly believe inclusive diversity is core to unity, and we are committed to promoting increased harmony instead of further division. We hope you'll join us as we work hard to create an inclusive wellness community!

Does Branch Basics kill germs?+

Branch Basics is not a disinfectant, a sanitizer or an antibacterial soap, so it will not "kill", but it removes dirt, grime, grease, germs, etc from a surface. We’re getting a lot of questions on how best to use Branch Basics in light of COVID-19. Here’s how...


  1. Wash your hands often with soap and water (eg. Branch Basics Foaming Wash) for at least 20 seconds.

  2. If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

Source: CDC


  1. Clean surfaces using a detergent or soap and water (eg. Branch Basics All-Purpose Spray or Bathroom Spray). Disinfecting won’t work on dirty surfaces.

  2. Disinfect surfaces using an EPA approved disinfectant that contains at least 70% alcohol (140 proof) or hydrogen peroxide (straight 3% hydrogen peroxide). Make sure to let dry on surface. Or, another option for disinfecting surfaces is to use a Dry Steam Cleaners: High heat steam cleaners are an EPA-approved, chemical-free option for disinfecting surfaces. The jet stream of vapor kills viruses, bacteria, dust mites, mold and mildew in 2-7 seconds.

Source: CDC

If you want to learn more, check out these blog posts. 




Is Branch Basics safe for my septic system?+

Yes! Branch Basics products can safely be used with septic systems. 

Can I use my own bottles? What are the dilution ratios? +

Yes, you can use your own refillable bottles. Here are the dilution ratios:

  • ALL-PURPOSE - 1 part Branch Basics Concentrate to 11 parts water
  • BATHROOM - 1 part Branch Basics Concentrate to 5 parts water
  • STREAK-FREE - 1 drop Branch Basics Concentrate to 24 oz. distilled water
  • FOAMING WASH - 1 part Branch Basics Concentrate to 4 parts water
  • LAUNDRY - 1 part Branch Basics Concentrate to 2 parts water

For laundry, you'll use about 1 Tbls of the solution for a regular sized lightly soiled load. You'll need a little more for larger loads or heavily soiled loads of laundry. 

Here's the breakdown for some common bottles sizes. If you have a different sized bottle, use the ratios above to fill your bottle. 

  • LAUNDRY - 32 oz. Laundry Bottle - 10.66 oz concentrate and the rest water
  • FOAMING WASH - 10 oz. Foamer Bottle -  2 oz concentrate and the rest water

24 ounce spray bottles:

  • ALL-PURPOSE  - 2 oz concentrate and the rest water
  • BATHROOM - 4 oz concentrate and the rest water
  • STREAK-FREE - 1 drop Branch Basics Concentrate to 24 oz. distilled water

16 ounce spray bottles:

  • ALL-PURPOSE - 1.33 oz concentrate and the rest water
  • BATHROOM - 2.66 oz concentrate and the rest water
  • STREAK-FREE -1 drop Branch Basics Concentrate to 16 oz. distilled water
Why is my Concentrate a different color? +

The color difference is a completely normal variation of a natural product. Your bottle of concentrate is absolutely every bit as safe and effective! Because our concentrate is a natural product the color of the chamomile specifically varies in two ways: different crop yields have different colors and it gets darker with time.


My foaming wash pump is sticking. What should I do? +

Most pump tops are designed to be used once and then thrown away. As you know, our bottles are refillable over and over again. The pumps just can't keep up forever! 

You may be able to clean your foamer pumps to get them working again. Here's a short how-to video

If cleaning your pump top does not solve the issue, please email us at info@branchbasics.com to request a replacement.

What is the pH of the Concentrate? +

The pH of our Concentrate is 8.5 +/- 0.5. If you have a concern that requires a particular pH, we recommend that you fill your All-Purpose or Bathroom bottle with water and Concentrate and test the pH. Also test an inconspicuous area of the surface you'd like to clean to see how the product interacts with it.

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How do I clean my....?+

How do I clean my....

- tile floor?

- granite/marble/quartz counter top?

- hardwood floors?

- dishes?

- shower grout?

- toilet bowl?

- laundry?

Learn how to clean every surface in your home with our Branch Basics User Guide. Also, go to the Branch Basics YouTube Channel for short how-to videos.

I'm struggling with laundry. Do you have any tips? +

It may take a little experimenting to see what works best for you, but here are some suggestions to try. 

1. 3/4 - 1 capful of laundry solution is a good amount for a regular sized lightly-soiled load. If you are doing large loads or heavily-soiled loads, you will need more. Try a cap and a half.

2. Do you have hard water? Hard water (high in minerals) may require more laundry solution than soft water.

3. If you have hard water try adding a 1/2 cup - 1 cup distilled white vinegar and/or baking soda to your wash.

4. Are you using Oxygen Boost in every load? If not, be sure to add a scoop to the drum of the washing machine before adding clothes to the machine. It's great at helping to white whites and brighten colors.

5.  If you have smelly workout clothes, pretreat the armpits with a spray of all-purpose before putting them in the wash.

6. Do you have an HE machine? Some machines are too efficient and don't use enough water to be effective. Try adding a few cups of water to the drum of the machine, especially when you are doing large loads.

Please check out our User Guide for a whole section on laundry that includes a lot of helpful information!

Also watch these three short how-to videos.

General laundry instructions

How to treat stains

How to soak stinky clothes



Is Branch Basics safe to use on my marble/granite/quartz? +

Yes, Branch Basics can be used on these surfaces!

The only caveat would be if you have a sealer that requires a particular pH. The pH of our Concentrate is 8.5 +/- 0.5. If you have a concern that requires a particular pH, we recommend that you fill your All-Purpose with water and Concentrate and test the pH. Also test an inconspicuous area of your stone surface to see how the product interacts with the surface. It's very rare to hear that a customer has an issue with our formula, but it's always a good idea to test it first. 


Is it safe to wash my baby's clothes, toys, and highchair with Branch Basics?+

Yes, it is safe to wash your baby's items with Branch Basics! Please see page 22 of our User Guide

Can I use Branch Basics in my dishwasher?+

Branch Basics is not specifically formulated for the dishwasher, but with that being said, it works really well for some customers. Want to give it a try? Directions can be found on page 10 of our User Guide


Or watch this short how-to video.


Can I use Branch Basics in my HE washer? +

Yes! Branch Basics works great in HE machines! 

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How much is shipping?+

Shipping is free on orders over $39 in the contiguous US! Orders under $39 have a flat shipping rate of $5. All orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories and Canada have a flat shipping rate of $10. 

Which shipping methods do you use?+

Most packages ship FedEx SmartPost. Usually FedEx takes the package to your city, and the local post office delivers it to your door.


Packages shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO, and US Territories ship USPS Priority.


Orders shipping to Canada ship FedEx International Ground. 


Regardless of the shipping method, packages typically deliver in 5-9 business days after they ship; however, additional delivery delays are not uncommon due to the pandemic.

How do I apply a coupon code to my order? +

Discount codes can be entered at checkout just above where you enter your billing information. 

If you forget to enter a discount code at checkout, just email us at info@branchbasics.com and we are happy to apply the code retroactively!

Do you ship to Canada?+

Yes, we ship to Canada now! All orders to Canada ship FedEx Ground and there is a flat $10.00 fee for shipping. Your local taxes will be calculated and collected at the time your order is placed. There are no additional fees for duty or taxes to be collected after the order ships.

The tracking shows that my package delivered, but I didn't receive it. +

Thank you for your order! We're so sorry that you never received it! 

Sometimes a package gets scanned as delivered, but it is really still on the delivery truck or it was dropped off at the wrong address. If the package does not deliver to you after a day or two, please email us at info@branchbasics.com and let us know. We'll investigate and make sure you get your order. 

I'm trying to use a coupon code, but it's not working. +

We're sorry that you are having a challenge with a coupon code!

There are a few reasons that your coupon code may not be working.

  • Most coupon codes only apply for new customers. *
  • Most coupon codes are only valid on Starter Kits or the Laundry Kit.
  • The referral coupon code will not work if there is a Trial Kit in the cart.

If none of the above explain why your code isn't working, then please email us at info@branchbasics.com and we'll look into this for you. 

* If you are a returning customer the best way to save on every order of Concentrate and/or Oxygen Boost is to create an auto-ship subscription. With a subscription, your order delivers to you every month (2 months, 3 months or 4 months) and you save 10% off every order!

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How can I make a change to my subscription? +

Thank you for being a subscriber! Sure! Just log-in to your subscription to change the shipping address, the next order date, the order frequency or the payment method. You can even edit the products within your subscription, including adding items that you want to receive just one time, like an additional spray bottle. 

Of course we're always happy to help! Just email us at info@branchbasics.com


Can I cancel this subscription order? +

Thank you for being a subscriber! Sure, we can cancel your order! Just email us at info@branchbasics.com with your order number and we'll take care of it. 

Our fulfillment center works really quickly so if we are not able to catch the order to cancel it before it ships, we have a couple of options:

1. You can refuse the delivery with your delivery person or drop the unopened package off at the post office and tell them that you'd like to refuse the delivery. It will return to us at no cost to you. If you plan to do this, please let us know and we'll refund your money right away.

2. Keep this order knowing that you'll use it eventually and push out the next subscription date.

Again, please just email us and let us know what you'd like to do.

How can I use a referral code on a subscription order? +

Thank you for being a subscriber and for referring your friends to Branch Basics!

Unfortunately, our subscription program is not set up to take coupon codes. You could use the coupon codes for a separate order if you need extra bottles, dryer balls, a scrub brush or more Oxygen Boost.

If you don't need anything extra, we can apply your referral code(s) to a previous order and issue a refund. Just email us at info@branchbasics.com and we'll take care of it for you. 

How do I cancel my subscription? +

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Just login to your account and click "Cancel Subscription" under each item within your subscription. If an order just processed, this will not cancel the current order. Please reach out to us as quickly as possible to cancel an order at info@branchbasics.com. We can usually catch and cancel an order without issue. 

If you'd rather have us cancel the subscription for you, just send us an email to info@branchbasics.com or call us at 800-414-1210. 


A friend just ordered using my referral link. How will I receive my coupon code? +

Thank you for referring others to Branch Basics! Your referral means the world to us! 

Referral reward coupon codes are sent via email one or two days after an order is successfully placed. If you have waited two days and have still not received an email from us with a referral reward coupon code, please let us know. Send us an email to info@branchbasics.com with your friend's name and email address. We will confirm their order and send you a $10 off coupon code. 

Thanks again for the referral!

I'm a new customer and a friend sent me a link for $10 off. How do I use it? +

We are THRILLED that you are going to try Branch Basics! Here are the steps to get $10 off your first order.

1. Click on your friend’s referral link. And copy the coupon code. 
2. Click “SHOP NOW” to be taken to our website.
3. Add product to your cart and go to checkout. Please note that this coupon code will only work on orders of $15 or more.
4. At the top of the checkout page, enter the code in the coupon field.
5. You’ll see that $10 was removed from your total and complete checkout. 
6. One or two days after you checkout, the friend that referred you to Branch Basics will get an email with a $10 off coupon code for the referral.It’s important that you click on your friend’s link just before ordering and checkout from the same device. This is how the order gets tracked back to them. 

We think you’ll LOVE your Branch Basics! Happy cleaning!

Someone used my link to order, but didn't receive a referral coupon credit+
Thank you for referring your friend to Branch Basics! So sorry that you didn’t get credit for the order! Please send us an email at info@branchbasics.com with your friend’s name and email address. We’ll confirm their order and send you a $10 off coupon code
A step may have been missed when your friend ordered. Here’s what should happen:
  1. You send your unique link to your friends: http://branchbasics.refr.cc/XXX
  2. Your friend clicks your link to get a $10 code
  3. Your friend clicks “SHOP NOW” (It’s super important that people click the link and purchase in the same browser) 
  4. At checkout, your friend enters the code in the coupon field and they receive $10 off
  5. After they purchase, a $10 reward code is emailed to you one or two days later
It’s very important that your friends click on your personal referral link just before ordering. This is how the order gets tracked back to you. If your friend clicks on the link on their cell phone, but orders from their computer, the link will be lost.